Frequently Asked Questions: 

Well, okay, these have only been asked once, but still….

Q: Is there a discount for children?
A: Yes, we’ve added a discounted registration for children and students.  We can’t discount it TOO much… it’s still a fundraiser.

Q:  Probably the question EVERYONE wants to know the answer to: Will there be tequila at the top?
A: Not tequila, no, but something else that will be sure to make this a memorable run (and not invalidate our race permit or insurance).

Q: Well, dang it!  No tequila?  (sulking)  What else have you got?
A:  Check out our AWESOME sponsors!  We’ve got Caldera Brewing, Ruby’s of Ashland (because NOTHING beats a beer and a burrito), Trail Butter, and more!  Prizes to be raffled after the race.

Q: So, it appears that the Britt Firehouse run is the same day… what were you thinking?!?!?
A: We know, we know!  We’re sorry!   Next year, we promise we’ll have our act together and plan it out a little bit better.  We wanted to run Britt Firehouse too!  But we think we have better prizes 🙂

Q: What if I don’t know a Justin Bieber song?
A: We’d be seriously shocked if you did.  Really.  But no judgement.